IBM New Compliance Warehouse
No doubt as an organization today, you have compliance regulations to consider in everything you do. If you are currently an IBM customer then there's a solution fit for you. If you are not, have a look anyway - it may be just the ticket you need. IBM has launched the IBM Compliance Warehouse for Legal Control. It's an integrated software, hardware, and services environment that will aide organizations in managing legal and compliance mandates. The IBM Compliance Warehouse continues to expand IBM's Information on Demand Strategy which is designed to help customers utilize value of their information to do business better. "Under the strategy, IBM software, hardware and services are enabling customers to gain a competitive advantage by delivering trusted information in context, reducing risk, while improving business operations, worker productivity and client care" The primary feature of this warehouse is an information vault. This vault will house all the evidence needed for compliance in addition to a set of tools that will automatically go out to multiple sources and identify, classify and aggregate the content and information required. There are also tools to help the organization analyze, monitor and deliver the information for legal and operational purposes. The Compliance Warehouse has a number of capabilities including: * Automated capture of information as part of business processes: This will ensure information is captured securely and that policies are enforced without the concern that users need to do manual work. * The ability to identify and capture unrestrained sources * Information that is stored in a secure repository and is managed and retained in a legally compliant manner * Business Intelligence: New levels of visibility, analysis, and reporting A couple of the products and modules available to provide a complete compliance solution include the IBM FileNet Records Manager and the IBM Classification Module. In addition, there are a number of other hardware, software and services provided by Cognos, Lotus and Tivoli, IBM System Storage and the IBM Global Business and Technology Services. If required, non-IBM technologies can also be incorporated in the warehouse. One of the nicest aspects of the IBM Compliance Warehouse is the "ZeroClick" technology that enables gathering and storing the compliance information in an automated fashion. Compliance is extremely critical today, so the ability to automate the processes required to be compliant thus reducing the potential for human error is key. Also, reducing the costs associated with gathering, storing, and reporting this information is very important. Take a look the IBM website for more information on the IM Compliance Warehouse.