According to a recent Enterprise Software report by The 451 Group, iDatix, an emerging technology company out of Tampa Bay, Florida, may be holding the key to the next wave of document management solutions for the enterprise – if they can get recognition outside their home town. They say iSynergy, iDatix’s document management software platform has the potential to “make a disruptive impact in a staid space”. Why do they think this? It has something to do with iSynergy’s application integration tool which is integrated within the document management solution. 451 Groups Market Insight Report on iDatix has only good things to say about the technology company’s ability to gain customers without going outside to fund their efforts. They also commended iDatix’s ability to respond quickly to customer demands, indicating it as a key differentiator for the company. According to iDatix's Director of Marketing, Ivan Pena, iDatix has met the challenge of going head-on against IT goliaths in the industry. "We are competing with deep pockets with significant additional resources, but our product features, agility in development and flexibility in solution-building make us a definite force in Document Management, Document Imaging and Work Process Improvement." But it wasn’t all rosy cheeks for the analyst group. They note that a lack of brand recognition on the National and Global scale is the main factor keeping iDatix from growing in the Content Management market. This could well be true – we certainly hadn’t heard about this company before. iDatix creates Business Process Automation solutions that leverage SOA and Web 2.0 technologies. View the website and look at the solution briefly for some extra tidbits.