ImageNow sharePoint document collaboration
Perceptive Software, creator of ImageNow enterprise document management, imaging and workflow software,announced the release of ImageNow Interact for Microsoft SharePoint. They work was only a month ago that they announced the release of ImageNow Interact for Microsoft Office. Initially their product suite was developed to tightly integrate ImageNow document management functionality with other desktop applications. This enabled Microsoft Office to extend ImageNow functionality to Microsoft Office applications through a native plug-in which provides instant access to documents managed in the ImageNow system.The goal for this newest release is to make ImageNow Interact for SharePointan affordable and simple way to integrate dynamic enterprise document management features into an organization's existing SharePoint implementation sans customization. It will also provide direct access for SharePoint users to work with ImageNow documents and experience instant access to documents in any format. Users will be able to search and retrieve documents from any location through a secure internet connection.Being able to collaborate and share knowledge across many formats and departments should make integration easy between SharePoint and ImageNow platforms. Now that it is tax season, human resources departments and business offices everywhere will surely benefit from this integration. From tax forms to benefit statements, HR departments can enable employees to access their personal benefits, tax forms and other information directly from a SharePoint portal site.In addition, employees can view, modify, and digitally sign relevant documents directly. This alone will streamline entire processes, saving time and resources.Such collaboration supports Perceptive Software's strategy of "putting ImageNow enterprise document management and workflow functionality into the context of where business users work." With a focus that "maximizes user acceptance and leads to tangible benefits across the enterprise" its path can only help people and business become more efficient. And as usual, SharePoint benefits from from another vendor tying into their platform. This can only be making the boys over at Microsoft tingle in their toes!