ImageNow v6.4

Perceptive Software (news, site) -- the makers of  document management, workflow and imaging  products -- has just released version 6.4 of its ImageNow product suite, only four days after it announced revenues for fiscal year 2009 of US$ 84M.

While it comes with a number of new, or improved, features including eForms, better workflow views and out-of-office workflow routing, according to Perceptive CEO Scott Coons, v6.4 collectively adds better functionality across the entire system.

Building On Versions

The company also announced that it has gone global with v6.3, so that users can run ImageNow in French, German and Spanish with support for other languages on the way.

While ImageNow enterprise content and document management system upgrades are not uncommon (v6.3 in April this year, v6.2 in October last year), the upgrades with v6.4, will appeal to its customer base of financial and healthcare companies, as well as a large clientele in the higher-education sector.

ImageNow is an adaptable product that features, supposedly, easy and programmer-free integration with other systems, as well as flexible configuration and a user-friendly interface. Although other companies make similar claims, Perceptive can back their claims up with a number of awards over the past two years that would seem to bear that.

In 2007, for example, it won the document management and imaging healthcare software vendor category in the Best in KLAS Awards. KLAS provides independent assessments of vendor performance using feedback from thousands of healthcare organizations internationally.

Going Global

But let’s go global first. ImageNow Global Edition of v6.3, which was just unveiled, makes it possible to run the product in French, German, Spanish and English -- approximately, in 115 countries, by Perspective’s reckoning, and 43 Microsoft Windows locales. It allows enterprises in different locations to adapt ImageNow quickly with a language-specific user interface, toolbar, support documentation and universal icons.

And while it is currently running in these four common European languages; Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Arabic have all been placed on the ‘coming soon’ list.

Global Edition allows users:

  • Display characters and formatting by locale — such as dates, time, currency and numbers
  • Access ImageNow and view documents in users preferred language while storing and organizing them in another language in one repository shared by all users
  • Integrate with applications in any of the supported languages while running ImageNow in any language.

Back to v6.4

ImageNow ecm_2009.jpg

ImageNow ECM

But let's look at the major enhancements with v6.4. There are three main areas that Perceptive is pushing as uniquely theirs. They include:


eForms allows enterprises bring clients who are not licensed ImageNow users into the workflow. Using HTML forms, an enterprise can post forms on external websites, intranets or portals where clients can fill them out and post them back directly into the ImageNow workflow.

By posting directly into the workflow the possibilities of human handling errors are reduced as are any security issues that might arise by using e-mail, or other external communication functions.

And with easy permission settings, forms can be directed to any particular department, or individual, both securely and timely, with cost savings at both enterprise and client end.

Workflow Views

The second major improvement comes with enhancements to Workflow Views. Easy to build, it ensures that the documents intended for a given individual land only on that individual’s desktop.

This function is being promoted as something specifically for healthcare professional, where whole arrays of charts or reports need to be accessible at very short notice. Again, the security implications are obvious and should sit well in the legal departments of many firms.

Easy to build and administer, Workflow Views ensures that individual users work only on the specific set of documents intended for them without having to navigate through other unrelated and often sensitive documents.


ImageNow business application

Out-Of-Office Workflow

Finally, the third function is out-of-office routing that was originally introduced with v6.3, but appears to have been upgraded in this version.

While no one wants to admit to being dispensable, this function makes them just that. It ensures that the entire workflow can continue as normal, even in the absence of key players. It allows administrators to send work automatically to others when someone goes missing, while alarms are set off when a workflow queue is unattended.

Another improvement worth a mention is the Interact button for Xerox and HP, which enables integration with any EIP-enabled multi-function device (MFD).

After a document is scanned, it automatically enters the workflow and makes it accessible from the host application. Documents can be ingested from many different points in the workflow making it customizable for most enterprises.

Good Marketing, Great Revenues

If Perceptive is getting a lot of attention at the moment, then its probably because they seem to be giving a lot of attention back. More than half of the enhancements in these versions were at the suggestion of its community, with similar percentages for both v6.3 and v6.2

The company has also just announced that it is going to extend the life of v5.4, which apparently many of its clients are still using, until September 2010 so that they can get over the current downturn.

And the customer relationship management is showing up in the figures. The US $84.0 million in revenues for FY2009 represents an increase of 22% over the previous year. The company is expecting similar growth in fiscal year 2010 with the release of a whole range of new but unspecified functionalities.

Likely, we’ll be hearing a lot more about Perceptive over the next few months.