Archer Launches New Solution for GRC

Companies today are not always prepared to respond effectively to protect mission-critical operations. And yet when you consider the many standards and regulations they must meet, why aren't companies spending their time to integrate business strategies with Governance, Regulation and Compliance (GRC)-related policies and procedures? The answer often comes down to time and money, and these days there aren't a lot of either to go around.

Archer Technologies aims to offer companies, whether Fortune 1000 or state and federal agencies, a viable solution. The provider of enterprise governance, risk and compliance (E-GRC) software has launched its Business Continuity Management (BCM) product. With its three-in-one approach, Archer looks to help companies improve their GRC programs by seamlessly integrating business continuity management into their IT-GRC and E-GRC initiatives.

Managing BCM Effectively

At any level, an effective BCM ensures the continuity of operations and services. Often, an ongoing process, BCM incorporates several different yet complementary elements, like disaster recovery, business recovery, business resumption, contingency planning and crisis management. Archer's solution acknowledges these many different needs and can work with other GRC functions.

By implementing Archer's Business Continuity Management, companies will be able to:

  • Perform business impact and environmental risk analyses
  • Test plans and facilitate periodic reviews
  • Track crisis events in real time
  • Implement response plans
  • Report on business continuity programs

Companies cannot ignore the demands of GRC, nor can they fail to have policies outlining solutions to actual risks. WIth Archer, they can have a centralized, consistent and automated approach to business continuity and disaster recovery planning. Companies will be able to respond swiftly in crisis situations and protect ongoing operations.

If you don't have a BPM in place, this is one of the products to potentially help you manage risks, cut costs and save time.