Intelligent Output Solutions and Pulse Technology Systems proudly announce ‘iOutput FileCentre’. iOutput FileCentre is a full-featured Document Management solution designed to meet the needs, and the budgets, of small and medium enterprises. Intelligent Output Solutions and Pulse Technology Systems proudly announce ‘iOutput FileCentre’. iOutput FileCentre is a full-featured Document Management solution designed to meet the needs, and the budgets, of small and medium enterprises. Intelligent Output Solutions, one of the fastest growing document management and business communications specialists in the UK, announce a joint enterprise with Pulse Technology Systems Ltd, an emerging designer, developer and supplier of Document Management software and services. Intelligent Output Solutions will deliver Pulse’s FileCentre solution, a document management solution targeted at small to medium enterprises, under the brand name iOutput FileCentre to its customers throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Cyprus. Pulse Systems and Intelligent Output Solutions are confident that this relationship is good news for both companies and for their customers. Modern businesses are faced with ever increasing amounts of data and information. Effectively managing this information is the new challenge facing many companies today across every industry from manufacturing to medicine. FileCentre allows windows based files to be shared across an enterprise in a controlled environment allowing companies to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and create a more productive working environment. Stewart Rogers, Director of Intelligent Output Solutions stated, “We wanted an easy to use, robust and effective document management solution that could meet the diverse needs of our target customer. After an extensive search we decided to go with FileCentre. FileCentre ticked all the boxes in terms of ease of use and functionality and we are looking forward to a successful roll out of the product.” “Until now, document management solutions usually came with five or six-figure price tags, which is an inappropriate investment for our growing base of loyal small to medium enterprises”, Rogers adds. “With FileCentre, we can now supply a feature-rich system that all companies can afford.” Commenting on the announcement Colin Rafferty, Business Development Manager at Pulse Systems said, “We are extremely pleased that Intelligent Output Solutions have decided to sell FileCentre. Intelligent Output Solutions have an excellent reputation among their growing customer base and we are delighted to be associated with them. As an established document management solutions provider, Intelligent Output Solutions, are ideally placed to promote and distribute FileCentre, allowing them to win new customers and improve efficiencies with existing clients”. Intelligent Output Solutions Limited sets itself apart from other document management vendors by creating a relaxed environment with resources that help customers make the right decision, such as information on how to save time, save money and reduce wastage through their solutions. Intelligent Output Solutions excel in providing high ‘return on investment’ solutions, such as: - Eradicating costly pre-printed forms - Delivering accounting, CRM and ERP output via email, fax and Internet - Distributing then printing in order to save money, rather than ‘print and distribute’ - Automatic fax delivery from the desktop, instead of the 10-minute walk to the fax machine - Automatic fax and SMS delivery from email - Unified messaging systems (email, fax, voicemail all in your email client) As companies are measured more and more by their ability to communicate effectively, and as businesses look for ways to cut costs and gain high returns on their IT investments, Intelligent Output Solutions are well placed to provide the products and services these organisations need. For further information visit our web site at About Intelligent Output Solutions: Intelligent Output Solutions is one of the fastest growing document management solution providers in the UK and Cyprus. Our success is the result of a winning combination; excellent products, industry knowledge, customer feedback and an experienced and committed team. Our goal is to be the premier enterprise solution supplier and implementer in the document output and document management environment. Our focus is to help businesses make the most of their business communications, using advanced yet tried-and-tested technologies. More than ever before, companies need to address how they manage their documents, forms, fax, phone, e-mail and archival systems. Our range of solutions can help ensure that important information reaches the right people, wherever they are. About Pulse Technology Systems Ltd: Pulse Technology Systems Ltd is the designer, developer and supplier of Pulse PLM, a leading Product Lifecycle Management solution aimed at Small to Medium sized Business (SMBs) within the Industrial Equipment and Machinery sector and Pulse FileCentre a document management solution aimed at the needs of a variety of SMBs. Pulse Technology Systems Ltd is dedicated to providing easy to use, affordable Product Data and Document Management solutions for their customers, meeting customer needs and providing a quick return on investment. For more information visit or call +44 (0)28 8774 6030. Source: EMedia Wire