Interwoven Answers Prayers with Automated Web App Deployment

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It doesn't happen often, but within many organizations both the business users and the IT staff are asking the same question:Why can we only deploy two new web applications in a month?Interwoven aims to answer this question for both groups with the announcement of a new version of its Composite Application Provisioning solution (CAP) - a product which aims to ease the deployment and maintenance of custom web applications.Highly functional websites like portals are complex beasts, comprised of different components from various sources. Aligning these discrete components; ecommerce, security, portal access, public-facing forum support, etc., is the domain of highly specialized technical experts and is invariably managed on an ad-hoc basis.The unfortunate side effect of this arrangement a costly and messy implementation process. But when you factor in constant updates and patches for all these different website modules, it is plain to see how consuming managing a composite website actually is.This is where CAP 3.0 comes in. Interwoven's newly updated product automates and standardizes the deployment of custom web applications.CAP 3.0:* Automates the process for aggregating and deploying changes* Captures code, content, and configuration files from any deployment environment, and securely synchronizes to various network destinations* Eliminates error-prone manual deployment processes* Accelerates application time-to-market* Ensures application security and data integrity: provides both automated rollback for faulty drivers and automated server auditing* Improved compliance: captures the audit trail and maintains a report of change and activityPerhaps the most important feature (from a compliance perspective) is that CAP 3.0 provides a legally defensible historical account in event of an audit or investigation. Translated from the legalese, CAP 3.0 meets IT requirements outlined by SOX, SEC, ITIL, and Basell II regulations.Did we mention that over 1000 units have already been sold?It's a nice niche Interwoven is tapping into here. Their own research indicates that 77% of web development efforts are focused on custom web applications, and more than half of respondents intend to double the number of composite features they use in the coming twelve months.Most of these organizations were using ad-hoc methods to manage their technicolor creations; more than half shoving in hot fixes at a rate of 10 per month or more.By offering a coherent deployment platform, Interwoven reckons it can reduce the cost burden of maintaining a custom web application by up to 40%, and drastically cut implementation and updating lifecycles.Not to mention lowering the cumulative blood pressure of system administrators around the globe.Please visit the Interwoven website for more information about CAP 3.0 and the full suite of web cms offerings.