Interwoven Helps Business Flex Sleepy Content Muscles

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The globe-spanning CMS leaders at Interwoven recently announced the availability of the enhanced Interwoven Collaborative Document Management, which promises to increase the actual agility of an enterprise. How? The real question is, how else? Of late it's the answer for everything: collaboration. To be precise, enterprise-wide collaboration of document-intensive business processes.Rafiq Mohammadi, chief technology officer at Interwoven, expresses the importance of business agility and speed. "As business cycles have become radically compressed, and customer demands and preferences shift faster than ever before, business agility and speed to market will make the difference between success and failure."And a business can't be agile or speedy without the assistance of Web 2.0. Collaborative Document Management includes a new version of WorkSite MP 5.0, a proprietary and much-touted document management app. WorkSite comes stock with multiple (and by now, quite familiar) Web 2.0 bells and whistles, including an AJAX-powered interface and enhanced search capabilities. Pretty things aside, the application also includes capabilities for better facilitating eDiscovery and email management, as well as Vista support, which grows increasingly critical for those making the big transition. With the built-in assistance of WorkSite and by facilitating team-oriented collaboration across multiple business processes like product launches, marketing planning, contract development, legal matters and customer support, the solution makes a cleaner cut in execution overall.In addition to a blinged-out app suite, Interwoven Collaborative Document Management also includes the Content Integration Module. This is a set of adapters on a flexible framework that provide automatic taxonomy building and quantitative Web publishing from WorkSite. The Module leverages both metadata and events to automate knowledge base creation and improve content consistency with collateral publishing. Finally, the Interwoven MetaTagger is a content intelligence application that systematically categorizes content, then extracts data based on business requirements, organizational standards, taxonomies and collective knowledge. This saves the unhappy admin from having to sit and tag information manually."Interwoven Collaborative Document Management gets to the heart of this matter, by giving businesses a powerful engine for using content to integrate people and processes more efficiently," Mohammadi enthuses. "The solution transforms document-intensive processes from a burdensome experience to a competitive differentiator that can help an organization optimize operational efficiency and establish stronger customer relationships."To demonstrate the efficacy of the new document management offering, consider your average call center. Such an enterprise could use the solution to develop a Web-based repository for call center representatives, thereby ensuring each representative can access the appropriate information for clients. Additionally, each rep could create a personalized dashboard designed around the most frequent questions and requests -- which we imagine would just be a big REMOVE FROM LIST button across the middle of the interface.That example may not lend a sufficiently clear mental picture. For this reason Interwoven showcased its Collaborative Document Management at the last Gartner Portals, Content and Collaboration Summit in Florida from March 19-21. The solution became officially available on March 30, and by June 30 you can expect to find support for Microsoft Office 2007 and Vista for WorkSite.Start playing with Interwoven Collaborative Document Management now.Interwoven, a trailblazer in content management solutions, creates solutions that enable enterprises to best leverage their content potential, thereby creating more robust businesses. Over 3800 enterprises across the globe use their solutions, including Airbus, the Federal Reserve Bank, HSBC, LexisNexis and Microsoft. The accounts are in many good hands, as Interwoven boasts over 19,000 developers and 300 partners. Learn more about the company at the Interwoven website.

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