In an effort to cope with growing quarterly revenues and an increasing employee base, Interwoven is relocating its global headquarters from Sunnyvale to San Jose, CA. The new headquarters (now located at 160 East Tasman Drive, San Jose, CA, for those who’d like to visit) is designed to better meet the needs of the growing enterprise CMS giant. The city of San Jose greeted the relocated headquarters with open arms, with Mayor Chuck Reed announcing his content with this development in a statement he issued. “Interwoven is a leader in content management, and in its new location they’ll be surrounded by the largest concentration of technology talent and expertise in the country,” he stated. “My City Council colleagues and I welcome Interwoven to San Jose, and assure the company of our support as it grows its operations in the Capital of Silicon Valley.” The new location is also more accessible through public transportation, and over 80 percent of Interwoven’s employees live closer to the new site, leading to a more convenient and environmentally-friendly commute. "As evidenced by our recent financial results, Interwoven is on a roll, and this move will better facilitate our company’s growth and momentum,” said Joe Cowan, CEO at Interwoven. "Our new headquarters is equipped with a modern training facility and state-of-the-art executive briefing center that were designed with our customers, employees, and partners in mind. We host guests from around the world at our headquarters and it’s a priority for us to provide a comfortable and productive experience.” Interwoven has had an impressive fiscal year thus far, having made US $54.6 million in revenues during Q2 alone -- an 11 percent increase from last year. License revenues have seen a 14 percent leap from 2006, and support and service revenues both jumped by 10 percent. The new facility, from what we’ve heard so far, is a real gem. With an open floor plan, high-tech workout facility, and state of the art technology such as wireless access throughout, a VoIP communications system, and the latest in audio and video conferencing technology, employees shouldn’t have much to complain about. Being the caring souls they are, Interwoven is donating its old computers, monitors, and printers to Hope Services, a local charity, and all inoperative equipment from their Sunnyvale facility will be recycled.