Interwoven Updates Its Flagship Solutions
Interwoven has enhanced its TeamSite and LiveSite Solutions to provide faster and better online experiences. The new features enable marketers to focus on getting quality content to the right audience faster than ever.

Out of the Box Building Blocks for TeamSite

TeamSite 6.7.2, Interwoven's flagship enterprise content management system has some new features that enable fast creation of web pages including landing pages, complete websites and microsites. New features include over 90 out of the box building blocks such as: * Advanced webpage navigation * Promotions * Page elements * Social Media feedback * Rich Digital Media Other enhancements include: Fixed Area Layout, URL Aliases, FireFox 2.0 support for Site Publishers and a SitePublisher Archive.

Targeting Content Delivery

LiveSite 3.1 is Interwoven's content delivery engine. It helps marketers deliver dynamic, targeted content that can be interactive to a wide range of audiences without a lot of custom coding. LiveSite offers a number of Web 2.0 capabilities such as blogs, RSS feeds and AJAX support. The latest version of LiveSite includes the ability to target anonymous site visitors based on detected information like day, time, referring URL, search terms, browser and more. In addition to Anonymous Visitor targeting, there's also GeoIP targeting, new Site and Page Controllers that enable the execution of business logic prior to page rendering or site loading, a Tag Library for LiveSite Page Rendering and more.

Helping Marketers Transform their Online Presence

According to Ben Kiker, chief marketing officer at Interwoven, "Our objective is to deliver innovations that equip marketers to move with speed and agility to not only transform their online presence, but keep it tuned to the volatile demands of today’s marketplace.” If you want to understand the enhancements to these two product solutions better, Interwoven is hosting a series of Webcasts and demonstrations. If you don't want to sit through webcasts and demos, have a look here at the list of enhancements for these two new versions.