Brava for Interwoven, Informative Graphics
The Interwoven enterprise content management product suite has been getting quite a lift this last week or so with announcements coming out of their GearUp Conference on new product enhancements and partnership opportunities.One of these new partnerships is with a company called Informative Graphics (IGC). IGC specializes in viewing, collaboration and redaction technology and they have created something special for Interwoven WorkSite.

Brava Desktop

The Brava Desktop for Interwoven WorkSite is an integrated version of IDC's Brava Desktop solution. It provides the ability to view any type of file in a single viewer and do collaboration via a set of annotation tools. Annotations are saved in XML format.Files annotated can then be published to PDF, TIFF or IGC's secure Content Sealed Format (CSF).Brava's Content Sealed FormatCSF documents are embedded with Visual Rights(tm) technology. The CSF is similar to a PDF in that it's a text-searchable version of the original file. However, unlike PDF, it cannot be edited or converted after it's been published and it contains no metadata.An organization would use this format when it needs to tightly secure a document by adding things like expiration date, password protection and printing.

Redact-IT Desktop

Redaction is the process of blocking sensitive content from being displayed in a document prior to distributing the document to others. Information can include things like Social Security #, credit card information, names and phone numbers.Using the Redact-IT Desktop, content can be easily blacked out based on area, word/phrase or a series of search strings contained in a referenced text file.
"WorkSite provides firms a way to organize their content in a manner that fits the model of their staff's day-to-day business practices," said Neil Araujo, Vice President of Marketing for Professional Services at Interwoven."Brava and Redact-It work in tandem with WorkSite in a way that keeps the integrity of this model, while enhancing the capabilities for these organizations."IGC says their solution is great for smallto mid-size legal or accounting offices. You can find out more information on this solution on IGC's website.