IntraLinks Updates SaaS Information Management, Integration Pla
For companies that rely on secure virtual environments for the exchange of critical information, IntraLinks (news, site) announcement that it has upgraded its SaaS platform should be of some interest.

The New York-based company, which provides enterprise-class document management solutions, has been developing and redeveloping its platform since 1997, and has unveiled a number of enhancements that the company says will make life easier for its clients.

Integrated Platform

As it stands IntraLinks has a number of products on its platform that will benefit from these enhancements.

They currently include:

  • Exchanges:  A secure collaborative environment where sensitive documents can be exchanged securely.
  • Courier: A solution that enables the exchange of large files between businesses while adhering to compliance requirements.
  • Workspace Builder: Enables client companies to easily build their virtual workspaces
  • DCM compliance: Provides monitoring and access tools to ensure companies keep within compliance parameters.
  • File manager: Investor specific mail-merged documents called FileSplit.




Secure Access

Originally, IntraLinks specialized in providing virtual workspaces for the financial services sector, particularly those that are involved in Mergers and Acquisitions. Their solution provided clients with a secure space that can be accessed from anywhere and at anytime with user-defined document access controls.

However, the company says that it has extended its client reach into other industries including energy, mining and even government, to such an extent that it claims 800 client companies out of the Fortune 1000 list.

Platform Enhancements

So it was with these industries in mind that the enhancements to the platform were developed.

They include:

  • New Hub: Gathers together all the workspaces and information associated with a client into a single easy-access location.
  • Productivity Tools: New tools to that increase productivity including a guided workflow for document-heavy processes.
  • Customized Workflows: Ability to coordinate, create and exchange critical information with customized workflows
  • Accessibility: Ability to .control, organize and track who sees what, and what they do with the information.
  • Tagging: Client-defined customized fields and tags.
  • Search: Search capabilities across a user’s entire workspace and contacts.

intralinks_document manager_2009.jpg

IntraLinks document manager

For companies with a large dependency on documents and keeping those documents secure, any solution that can guarantee that is worth investigating.

J. Andrew Damico, President and CEO of IntraLinks, says that the company has continually updated and upgraded its product since they first went online.

While their client list is impressive and the enhancements all make very good sense, it would be nice to know where these enhancements fall in their product history, and maybe even what and when to expect further updates.