and Trisoft team to create xml-based cms and Trisoft have announced an integration partnership between Xpress Author and Infoshare. The result will provide a sturdy XML-based content management platform for technical writing across a range of industry sectors.The partnership will see's Xpress Author add-on for MS Word integrated into the Trisoft's InfoShare CMS. Xpress Author allows non-technical writers to create XML output from MS Word. The saved XML documents will then be delivered to the Trisoft InfoShare CMS. This will allow the technical writing team to utilize content across multiple channels with ease, leveraging the review, translation and other capabilities of InfoShare. The InfoShare CMS is specifically tailored to the needs of technical writing staff, offering multi-channel reuse and strong multilingual support for the enterprise technical communications department. XML-based content is ideal for this kind of reworking of content into multiple channels, and for versioning, another important part of the technical writing process. As such, the In.Vision Word plug in will be a natural fit for Trisoft's product. Miel de Schepper, Trisoft's CEO, had this to say: "The tight integration with Xpress Author for MS Word will deliver real benefits for our customers - especially enabling knowledge workers and occasional reviewers to actively participate in the content management processes, all without the need to acquire and train them on dedicated and expensive XML authoring tools." This isn't the first time has partnered to provide this type of capability. They recently partnered with Vasont to use their Xpress Author add-on for MS Word to help store and manage multilingual content in Vasont's ECM. Go to and Trisoft to learn more.