If the idea of cloud-based e-Discovery intrigues you, but the price and risk have got you scared, you might consider Iron Mountain’s newest release.

This week the information management company released Stratify Legal Discovery OnPoint which aims at providing a simplified e-Discovery platform that delivers free processing and loading of unlimited data for early stage filtering to drive high-productivity review. If you want to review data, it’ll cost you a one-time fee, starting at US$ 500 per gigabyte.

Hands-On Control, Defensible Data and Analytical Techniques

Iron Mountain is hoping that because OnPoint gives hands-on control of data from the start, advanced analytics and filtering technologies, attorneys will bypass the traditional linear review process in favor of a defensible process for selecting responsive data.

OnPoint’s cloud-based e-Discovery gives corporate and outside counsel the flexibility and control needed to manage and review data efficiently while aggressively reducing costs, increasing productivity and accuracy, and satisfying increasing regulatory and judicial expectations within tight time frames.

Among Stratify Legal Discovery OnPoint’s features include a slew of analytical techniques, including:

All of these capabilities contribute to a defensible process for selecting responsive data.

No matter where they are in the process, attorneys can return to the full volume of restored, unfiltered data to identify additional documents to be added in the review interface.

Evolving to Meet the Needs of Global Workforce

Ultimately Iron Mountain looks to capitalize on e-Discovery’s rapidly developing and evolving market coupled with a client’s need to work and outsource globally in a highly scaled environment. It could be that Stratify Legal Discovery OnPoint is sufficiently poised in a perfect storm of data in the clouds.