Open sourcecontent management vendor Jahia (news, site) and Datamatics Global Services a developer of intelligent business applications, have announced that they are getting together to provide enterprise content management systems to international organizations.

While this is a vague enough ambition for any company and a claim often made without much substance, this new partnership is starting outwith no less a client than the United Nations (UN), and an international health organization, although which one they have not said.

Everyone knows the UN. But the potential for this partnership has to be seen in terms of the number of people -- or clients -- it has, which by some estimates is over ten million customers in nearly 200 countries.That’s a lot of CMS!

Jahia Global Partnerships

So whyJahia?Well possibly becauseit has some experience in dealing with global partnerships and has developed its ecosystem worldwide to enable them develop, integrate, implement and manage their systems wherever they are installed across the globe and across intranets, extranets and the web.

In December, for example, its Gold Partner NSI in Luxembourg and the Walloon AST (Technological Stimulation Agency) won the Egov award for the best regional project with its portal innovations.

However, lest anyone think that Jahia is looking only at large public sector organizations, they also signed a partnership agreement with Los Angeles based enterprise technology agency Oshyn, Inc. to enable both companies to deliver dynamic web content management to Fortune 1000 companies.

Learning Opportunities

Jahia Business Partner Program

In fact, focusing firmly on the US private sector, Jahia announced its new global Jahia Business Partner Program last October that gives partners more control and flexibility with free pre-sales support and various levels of certification, including those for VARs and SIs scenarios.

This came with a “non-compete guarantee.” That means Jahia plans to refer almost all of the integration work to its partners and will refer almost all of the integration work to its partners -- around 70 of them in 15 countries around the globe.

A Partner in Datamatics

For its part, Datamatics was founded in India and specializes in IT consulting, business process transformation, off-the-shelf technology solutions and customized software services. It also has an entire team of open source Jahia-trained software engineers specifically for the development of international projects.

While neither company has said precisely what services they will be providing to the UN, with even one client like that its likely to be a very happy New Year for both.