Jahia Releases 6.5 with No-Code User Interface, Consolidated User Experience

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Jahia (news, site) has announced the latest releaseof its enterprise content management (ECM) platform, version 6.5. Version 6.5 has an impressive number of newfeatures including building composite user interfaces without development andthe consolidation of web, portal, social, search, mobile and content managementinto one user experience.

Where Jahia Fits in the Open Source ECM Market

The open source ECMmarket is a constant source for innovation and Jahia’s latest release continuesto move it forward. Today, Jahia released the commercial version of release6.5. The latest release integrates the management of user experience, contentand information into one platform.

The open source Java-based ECMis somewhat an outlier in a market dominated by PHP tools. However, the latestrelease targets its competitors with an architecture that relies on a mature,  open source Java project, but with a module-based design typically associatedwith PHP solutions.

Jahia has made an effort in the latest release to extend itsplatform beyond traditional content management to support more diverse uses forbuilding composite business applications supported by content. The new release is aimed at helping developers create solutions faster with more features tosupport business users. New components, such as eXtendedContent Management, attempts to satistify technical and non-technical users byallowing them to work in the way that’s most intuitive. XCM supports a drag-and-drop contribute mode for non-technical users and an edit mode foradvanced users, as well as a new translation mechanism, advanced search,social capabilities, versioning and workflows.

Learning Opportunities

New Tools, Features

The platformintroduces a number of new tools and features:

  • Jahia Studio -- an integrated developmentenvironment allows users to create composite user interfaces withoutcode
  • Application store -- JahiaApps Forge offerstemplates and modules for the platform
  • Support for multiple scripting languages
  • HTML 5 support
  • Social and collaboration
  • eXtended Content Management (XCM) -- providesmultiple ways to create content for technical and non-technical users


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In addition,Jahia has ensured the latest release embraces open standards such as JSR168/286, JSR 170, OpenSocial, OpenSearch and popular open source tools such as Apache Lucene/Solr, Apache Jackrabbit and Spring already integrated into theECM platform.Additional details aboutthe functionality in 6.5 are available in a webinar on Jahia’s site. Jahia 6.5  is available for immediate download on Jahia’s site.