Jahia Adds Community Edition under GPL
Another enterprise class content management system adopts open source GPL licensing. It is no surprise. A platform is only as good as its adopters, and offering an open source version in today's competitive CMS market is one path to deployment growth. Building a committed community of third party developers who daily deploy, interact and tinker with a CMS platform can only enhance both the feature offerings and sustainability of that platform.

Jahia, Web Content Integration Software that combines Enterprise Web Content Management (WCM) with Document Management and Portal features, launched Jahia Community Edition v6 as an open source GPLv2 application.

The Jahia Community Edition (CE) for Open Source Applications is a GPL distribution under the FOSS license with no support and no maintenance. Any improvements made to the source must be rendered back to the project under that same GPL license. The Jahia Enterprise Edition (EE) for Commercial and Supported Applications is a stable, production ready, commercial version sold via annual subscription. The commercial version is also available under different licensing frameworks if needed.

Community Edition Features

Jahia Community Edition v6 offers a WCM platform with document management and portal features,  AJAX technology and Open Source components.

Some features include:

  • Web 2.0 Ajax powered user interface, in-line editing capabilities, support for Google Analytics, customizable toolbars, improved workflow value chain and a modified front-end template infrastructure
  • Document management support of the “Jackrabbit” JSR 170 content repository
  • Embedded Apache Plutot 2.0 library for improved support for the latest version of the Portlets standard (JSR 286) and a centralized mashup repository.

The features of the new Community Edition are included in the commercial Enterprise Edition 6.0, set to launch in Q2 of 2009. Jahia’s enterprise clients include the United Nations, Garmin International, Goldman Sachs, Virgin America, HomeAway.com, the Motorists Mutual Insurance Company and others.

Learn more about the Jahia Community Edition or Jahia Enterprise Edition.