JustSystems is busy this month. Just days after its webinar on DITA and single-source XML publishing, the company will be appearing at LavaCon '07. LavaCon '07 is the fifth annual conference on advanced technical communication and product management. JustSystems will be hosting a workshop to help participants prep for new approaches to old schematics, particularly with regard to XML and DITA. At the workshop, you'll find out how to gauge your financial returns on XML and DITA approaches. You'll also learn how to migrate your content to a topic-based authoring and management system. The conference will be held on October 27-30 in New Orleans at the Astor Crowne Plaza Hotel. If you plan on sticking around the full three days, you might want to catch JustSystems' partner seminars, co-hosted by IBM and Sterling Commerce. They're called "Calculating the Fiscal Return of Using XML and DITA," "Migrating to XML Case Study: Sterling Commerce," and "The Tao of DITA." If that last is anything like The Tao of Pooh, you'll have to let us in on it. Learn more about the conference.