JustSystems Expands Partner Program
JustSystems is continuing its growth strategy to expand across North America and Europe by designing new partnership levels designed to recruit more value-add partners to sell and integrate their software into organizations. Their focus is to recruit experienced vendors and system integrators in the areas of structured authoring and dynamic publishing. JustSystems, as you know, is a provider of document management solutions that implement DITA. So it only makes sense they would be looking for new partnerships with companies experienced in this area. They have defined three new partner participation levels that will enable potential partners to grow their relationship with JustSystems slowly. These include: * Associate - initial commitment and basic support * Authorized - More formalized and predictable sales of JustSystems products * Premier - Designed for system integrators who want to build a solution offering around their technology The higher up you go in the partnership levels, the more marketing, sales and technical support you get. In addition JustSystems will product discounts and sales opportunities to higher level partnerships. If think you have what it takes to become a value-add partner for JustSystems, go to their site and read more details.