Kazeon Unleashes Fourth Generation Software for eDiscovery
A recent trend among the eDiscovery industry is that more companies are bringing the process of search, discovery and document management in house. Companies that once saw eDiscovery as third-party expense left to off-site experts have now come around and have begun implementing cost-saving solutions that allow them to take control of their eDiscovery needs.

Today, Kazeon Systems (news, site) announces the availability of its fourth generation eDiscovery software for use by corporations, legal service providers and law firms. Kazeon's solution solves a wide range of customer challenge such as in-house eDiscovery, internal investigations, audits, legal hold retention management and GRC.

Recently, we had the opportunity to talk with Karthik Kannan, Kazeon’s VP of Marketing and Business about v4 and the future of eDiscovery.

Modules Layered over a Single Platform

Kazeon’s Fourth Generation software maintains a modular version providing three products, integrated within a single, underlying software platform, aiming to ensure a smooth workflow.

  • Analysis & Review: Set of capabilities including patented analytics, concept extraction and search, search results visualization, result and review filtering, query expansion, email thread analytics and interactive & fast review. Transparent, accurate auditing and data verification reports enable complete defensibility of the eDiscovery process. Kazeon’s Review workflow includes linear review, collaboration across multiple reviewers, support for multiple law firm review and review escalation workflow.
  • Collection & Culling: The identification of ESI based on case requirements, including custodians, date ranges, concepts etc., case-based legal hold management, enforcement of legal hold, reporting of legal hold and releasing legal hold when required, which can be performed in-place or in target repositories.
  • Legal Hold Management: Fully indexed or index-less targeted collection, and a forensically sound and defensible collection from any source, including USB drives, thumb drives and laptop, which enables legal users to perform their own collection and culling for each case without IT assistance using the simplified case-based application.

Additional Features and Capabilities in Version 4

Kazeon’s eDiscovery software v4 also provides the following:

  • Reduced cost of eDiscovery by elimination of management overhead, reduction of review time and integration across multiple functions
  • In-place or target Early Case Assessment and analysis and review
  • In-place or target Legal hold workflow and management
  • Fine-grained search and analysis
  • Collaborative review across globally dispersed legal reviewers
  • Dynamic, concept-based search and results visualization
  • Visibility into multiple ESI types: email – live and archives, files, repositories such as Microsoft Exchange, Symantec EnterpriseVault, Microsoft SharePoint, Lotus Domino etc.
  • Visibility into all ESI sources: Exchange, Lotus, Symantec email repositories, servers/storage, file shares, laptops/desktops, remote offices etc.

In addition, Kazeon has also developed an entirely new distributed, collaborative legal application, the eDiscovery Case Manager, that works to manage legal cases from beginning to end to beginning, helping data to evolve over time.

Saving Money and Time

Overall, version 4 is dedicated to helping companies work smarter for less. As well, as we learned last week, when companies and employees know where information is and how to find it, organizations run more efficiently.

If that's not enough to get you on the in-house eDiscovery bandwagon, then try this. Mr. Kannan boasts that Kazeon's current customers reap a 90% savings of costs involved in the overall eDiscovery process, including people and time.

As well, Mr. Kannan maintains that technology needs to be flexible so that it can best serve the needs of service providers. Kazeon aims to be the "eyes and ears of the enterprise" by providing analytics and policies that will help guide workflow processes.

Version 4 is already available and is being used with most of the new features come directly from user feedback and are designed to help the in-house ediscovery process. Learn more at www.kazeon.com.