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Emphasising the importance of workflow in the legal review process, legal hold specialist kCura has added another component to its already extensive review platform that will manage not just risk assessment, but also how legal workflows are implemented across the platform.

Appropriately call Method and built using advice from a number of notable law firms, it enables users to streamline workflows, which if managed effectively can substantially reduce costs associated with e-Discovery.

Method runs off kCura’s Relativity review platform and focuses on building repeatable workflows centralized within the system that can be accessed by all users across the enterprise and which, in effect, standardizes the ‘Hold’ process.

kCura and Relativity

kCura is a Chicago-based developer of the specialized review software Relativity, a web-based platform that manages all aspects of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model within enterprises.

The Relativity platform was developed based on kCura’s experience developing software for the retail, financial services, insurance, manufacturing and legal industries.

The most recent version was released at the end of July as v6.5 and provides image and native file review, an advanced search feature, flexible workflow capabilities, integrated productions, Unicode and foreign language support.

While there are still many companies that have yet to implement effective e-Discovery methodologies oreven software that can provide them with that, the head-in-the-sand attitude of many companies in this respect has failed to impact in any significant way on kCura, which increased its user base by 175% (its own figures) over the course of 2009.

kCura’s Method

The Method component, which has just been released, is all about protecting data either from loss, or as happens with many enterprises, from being misplaced and it does that with highly developed workflow management.

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Method: Creating a 'Hold'

By deploying Method, which comes as a SaaS version or on-premise, enterprises can create a straightforward workflow containing spreadsheets, documents or even emails without having to use a substantial number of software products.

Learning Opportunities

Using Method, users can initiate workflows from the start of the process from hold notifications by emails, to tracking and analyzing responses and creating detailed reports of the process that includes audits of all communications related to the hold requests.

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Method Hold request

Users can also create unique workflows within the software that includes customized hold notices, email templates and question sets that can be used to assess business risk and exposure to litigation.

Just released, Relativity users can buy Method as an add-on, while new users buying Method will also get a ‘lite’ legal review through Relativity.

If you want to find out more about Method, or Relativity, kCura is holding its Relativity fest this year in Chicago from September 19 – 21.