KnowledgeTree Adds a MS Office Add-In to SaaS Version
The enterprise content management provider KnowledgeTree (news, site ) released v3.6.1 on June 19, and already it has announced that it has upgraded its SaaS solution to include all the functionality of the on-site version.

Focusing on businesses that have a large dependency on documents, and consequently document management solutions, the company says the SaaS upgrade will eliminate the need for new hardware, or in-house training for the IT department.

The principal feature that is now available on KnowledgeTree Live is the Microsoft Office Add-In. In addition, the ability to integrate with Zoho Writer makes it possible for users to access and edit documents remotely without high-cost desktop software.

SaaS Features

While there is still a lot of disagreement over the advantages of SaaS solutions, this one is designed for enterprises that are spread over large areas, in some cases all over the world.

The KnowledgeTree Live SaaS solution enables users to:

  • Access documents from all over the world at any time and without any security issues
  • High-level document management without the costs, administration and maintenance of on-site solutions
  • Easy integration with third party solutions using rich APIs

And while all these functions are great, if somewhat standard across the industry, it is the availability of Microsoft Add-in v1.0 for KnowledgeTree that will probably excite most users.

Office Add-in v1.0

KnowledgeTree Office Add-in provides an alternative, client-side interface to KnowledgeTree from within Microsoft Office 2007 applications.

This client tool displays as a side panel within the Microsoft Office 2007 interface, providing a view of an organization's Microsoft Office 2007 content stored and managed through KnowledgeTree's web-based document management system.


Add-in v1.0 document editor

The result is that users can access Office 2007 documents stored in the KnowledgeTree repository through an integrated panel that is built into the KnowledgeTree server stack.

Features that come with Microsoft Office Add-in v1.0 include:

  • A new interface that enables users navigate KnowledgeTree’s repository from Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Check-in and check-out of documents from within Add-in
  • Entire repository search for documents
  • Copy and reuse of templates already being used
  • Audit history and version control of all documents
  • Email documents from within Add-in to internal or external recipients
  • Multilingual Interface available in French, Italian and German as well as English

Add-in-Email 2.jpg

Add-in email function

Compliance Requirement Features

There are a number of other features that come with the SaaS version, but two further features that will probably be of interest to companies with compliance issues are:

  • Document Type Alerts which alert users to groups of documents based on their type enabling them to manage document retention, contracts and other time sensitive documents with less effort.
  • Electronic signatures that require a user to enter their username and password for all write actions on documents and folders.

This SaaS solutions has only just been released so , as yet , there has been no market reaction, but if has caught your attention then it might be worth taking a look at demo of the on-site version, all the features of which, are contained in the SaaS version.