Only six weeks after receiving one of BERTL’s Best Awards 2009 for its KYOcapture document management product, Kyocera Mita America has announced the upgrade to version 5.0.

KYOcapture comes in two versions, the use of which will depend on the size of the users business. KYOCapture Express is a simplified document capture workflow solution designed for small to medium sized business, while KYOcapture Workflow a comprehensive document capture workflow solution for enterprises.

KYOcapture is said to be scalabe, flexibile and capable of streamlining document capture and workflow activities through a new, customizable interface.

Amongst the other new features are:

  • Improved bi-directional search functionality
  • SSL encryption and user authentication
  • Easy connectivity with other DMS
  • Long-term after sales contracts

The new version works in conjunction with Kyocera’s black and white, and color MFPs. It should also allow users ingest just about any document you can think of and direct it into virtually any document management system.

But then don’t they all do that? What’s more, in this case, there is no pricing available that might push the perspective buyer in their direction, rather than in the direction of one their gazillion competitors.

If we sound less than enthusiastic about it, its probably because Kyocera is not really selling itself very well. It's not that we don’t believe there might be something about v5.0 that’s special, they are just not saying what it is. And saying you have won a 2009 BERTL's Best Award is not enough to sell it. To give the product a try, download a trial version of KYOcapture 5.0 here.