laserfiche 8 soon to be released
Document Management vendor Laserfiche has just showcased Laserfiche 8 at its annual conference in Los Angeles. Delegates were treated to an extensive preview of the product which will hit the shelves shortly. Laserfiche believes that the new product will streamline delivery channels from point of capture to end users and repositories. They reckon a SOA and unification of information from disparate sources, in multiple formats, will achieve exactly that.

Laserfiche's New Workflow Automation Platform

Though light on specifics at this stage and apart from a general sprucing-up, the main new component of Laserfiche 8 seems to be a new workflow automation platform that is extensible, customizable and can be integrated with other applications. In addition to this L8 also supports real-time synchronization with enterprise systems and delivers documentation within the context of primary applications. “We have always strived to provide document management solutions that are easy to deploy and easy to use,” said Laserfiche President & CEO Nien-Ling Wacker. “Laserfiche 8 extends that philosophy to the realm of integration and business process automation.” If you are one of the 25,000-odd organizations to use Laserfiche document management, then the eighth iteration is something you are going to want to check out sooner or later. If you're not, then be advised that Laserfiche delivers document management with a minimum effort of Mickey Mouse and have been doing it with the best of them for 20 years. Their solutions involve capture, storage, delivery to decision-makers, compliance, and just about everything else to do with managing and optimizing your documentation. I hope for their own sake they don't get too good at what they do: it's nearly a week since Oracle bought an Enterprise CMS company. They must be getting hungry again... Go on over to Laserfiche if you want to learn more.