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Lateral Data (news, site) has recently accomplished internal testing of its latest Viewpoint 5.0 e-Discovery platform and results indicate improved performance suitable enough for cloud-based data processing. With Viewpoint 5.0, users can scale up their processing power through distributed computing, which should lead to flexibility and cost savings.

Distributed Architecture Ensures Scalability

Matt Berry, Lateral Data founder and president, says Viewpoint 5.0's distributed architecture enables cloud-based processing of data, which should help service providers, law firms and corporate legal departments reduce infrastructure costs for their data collection, preservation, pre-processing, processing, analysis, review and production.

Cloud-based processing can be a major cost-saver for users who don’t want to make huge and unnecessary IT investments. We've seen companies scale up their infrastructure costs for one large project and then when the project ends, they’re faced with a higher overhead than they can support. Using Viewpoint in a cloud-based scenario, users can start small and instantly scale as their e-Discovery requirements grow."

Getting E-Discovery on the Cloud

According to Lateral Data's testing, cloud-based processing at the capacity equivalent to five dual-core workstations will cost $1.20 per hour, which is expected to be significantly less than if users were to acquire infrastructure and use non-distributed and non-intelligent e-Discovery applications. This results in cost savings from the following:

  • On-site hardware requirements
  • IT overhead
  • Electricity, cooling and co-location costs

Viewpoint 5.0 also ensures e-Discovery can scale up or down depending on the need. With this, fees are only incurred on a per-cycle basis, or when active projects require additional processing power. Viewpoint 5.0 will require an existing PaaS setup, which may include Windows Azure, Amazon EC2, and the like. Tasks can be distributed and managed through a workflow layer, such as Microsoft Windows Workflow.

Cloud Adoption a Rising E-Discovery Trend

We earlier published our collection of e-Discovery predictions for 2011, and cloud adoption was among these. While companies are not expected to quickly take up cloud models for e-Discovery, enterprises are expected to at least take a more strategic approach to e-Discovery this year. This will include cost reduction by making sure resources are allocated efficiently. Lateral Data's promise of cost savings will essentially mean enterprises can start small and then scale up through the cloud as their needs grow.