Lateral Data's Viewpoint: An All-in-One eDiscovery Platform

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lLateral Data's Viewpoint: An All-in-One eDiscovery Platform
Lateral Data (news, site) has been processing other people’s data for years. They’ve used their own platform from which to monitor and review data and now they’re opening it up to everyone else.Originally launched in January, Viewpoint isn’t exactly new, but it is shiny.

One Platform, Familiar Interface

The all-in-one eDiscovery solution features one exclusive platform from which clients can process, run early case assessments and review large amounts of data.

Most users will find the interface familiar, as it has a similar look and feel to Microsoft Outlook, an intentional decision that makes the processes so easy to use, even a lawyer can do it.

Viewpoint & Early Case Assessment

When we spoke with Dean Kuhlmann, Vice President, Business Development at Lateral Data, he walked us through Viewpoint’s ECA platform.

Considered to be the treasure hunt for useful data, Kuhlmann assured us that ECA in Viewpoint is more than just “term searching.” Rather it provides a visual index made up on 4 modules.

A view manager lets users examine their search results prior to creating a document batch. With help from a real-time list builder, users can search for keywords to see if they are in fact represented in documents.

An analytic search provides the user with context before reviewing. Users can see how many keywords are used in connection with others, saving time and energy reviewing documents whose highlighted keywords hold little relevance.


Viewpoint Review

Learning Opportunities

Users can perform a relationship analysis to review emails.Searching by recipient or subject line can reveal relevant connections necessary for review.

In any review process, de-duplication presents issues that can waste a lot of time. Viewpoint’s similarity viewer not only shows how many versions of the same document there are, it also lets you compare them side by side, highlighting the updated text. With synced scrolls, user won’t lose their place (or their sanity) searching documents.


Viewpoint Similarity Viewer

Perhaps most remarkable is that Viewpoint allows for such a high level of review and analysis of data before it’s even batched. As Kulhmann says “Seeing it on the screen and not in a report can be very helpful.”

Not Just a Provider, Also a Customer

Having used Viewpoint as an internal platform for years, Lateral Data has been able to refine it to their liking because their business processes rely on it. Prospective customers will find the single platform efficient and reliable; while benefiting from its easy-to-use interface.

Viewpoint is targeted towards corporate legal departments, a manifestation that often includes legal and technological officers.Kulhmann is quick to highlight this, for it’s only in the past few years that legal departments and information technologist have begun working together to implement knowledge management infrastructures.

Corporate legal teams are able to strategically outsource Viewpoint so that one or two people in-house can manage it successfully, saving companies from hiring whole teams of people to manage multiple platforms.