Latest Nuxeo Enterprise CMS Released

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We thought it would be here on February 27th, but better a little late than not at all. Nuxeo (news, site) has released version 5.2 of its open source enterprise content management platform. Nuxeo Enterprise Platform (EP) 5.2 is a combination of new technological innovations and features based on customer needs and expectations.

New Features and Functionality

We knew it was coming. Now it has arrived. The latest version of the Nuxeo EP has some very cool new features, such as:

  • Annotation Service: Easily annotate words or paragraphs of documents without modifying the document itself when viewing the document through the Preview Tab of the Web user interface. This service is also available for images.

  • Web Workspace: Easily create websites based on content residing in Nuxeo's repository, including blogs and wikis.

  • SharePoint Services (WSS): Nuxeo has started implementing the SharePoint protocols (like WebDAV file upload and download) and some of their web services so that their repository is seen as another SharePoint server.

Technical Innovations

Technical improvements include a new visible SQL storage engine, a web engine that is fully-based on JAX-RS and integrated with Eclipse IDE, and an improved event model and workflow.

Learning Opportunities

Improved auditing and monitoring services top the list of advancements, making this version of Nuxeo an enterprise content management system you should look at.

And speaking of upgrading (okay, so I didn't actually mention upgrading), go download Nuxeo 5.2 now.