Liferay/MuleSoft Integration Provides Low-Cost Enterprise Java Alternative

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Open source portal provider Liferay (news, site) has announced a partnershipwith MuleSoft, maker of open source Mule ESB and MuleSoft TCat Server, a value-added distribution of Apache Tomcat.Liferay is now offering a Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition (EE) bundle withTcat Server pre-installed and the all-important end-to-end support from one company. The move positions Liferay as an attractive lightweight, open source,middleware platform alternative to expensive enterprise solutions.

Liferay Plus Mulesoft: Low-Cost Open Source Web Middleware

Liferay has been in around for over a decade, reports more than 4 milliondownloads and a quarter million deployments. The platform started out as a pureportal play. However, the company is gradually moving its product towardbecoming a development platform for websites and applications -- at a competitive price point.

Users can deploy Liferay to any Java web container, such as IBM WebSphere orJBoss, but when combined with popular free open source Tomcat, it provides a low-cost web content delivery option. Michael Coté of Redmonk wrote that customerswho deploy Liferay to Tomcat are showing savings ofup to 93% vs. platforms from Oracle and IBM and has many of the same featuresof the big vendors. Not a bad accomplishment for an open-source portal company.

A Step Beyond

Liferay has decided to take things a step further. Liferay announced apartnership with MuleSoft, and a new bundled version of Liferay Portal EEpre-installed with MuleSoft’s enhanced Apache Tomcat distribution, Tcat Server.Apache’s Tomcat is arguably one the most popular Java web containers. But, sinceit is pure open source, it definitely has shortcomings: No monitoring, no admindashboard, raw configuration files -- features available in most strategic JavaEE containers from players such as Oracle and IBM. MuleSoft’s Tcat server addressesthese gaps by layering performance monitoring, diagnostics, applicationdeployment and role-based security on top of pure ApacheTomcat binaries, with zero changes to the core code.

Learning Opportunities


TCat diagnostics

Additionally, Liferay is offering support for the bundle. This will beattractive to customers who are exhausted with trying to figure out exactly in which layer of the technology stack a problem is occurring. Technology leadersthat employ the solution will be able to call one company to get answers.

What does this mean to you? If you’d been considering making a move from abig Java EE vendor or even looking for a viable open source alternative toJBoss, you know have one -- plus a portal. Interested? For more information,contact [email protected].