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LiveContent Provides XML Based Information Management and Delivery
XyEnterprise, the creator of the Contenta Content Management System, recently took a bold step and changed the name of their flagship XML product ContentaView. They spoke of concerns centered around a misleading brand title. With the new name of LiveContent, will this XML based information management and delivery system also have new features or enhanced functionality? Or did XyEnterprise simply decide that after nearly three years the name of their product no longer fit with the changing industry?

A Little about XyEnterprise

XyEnterprise, founded over 20 years ago, focuses on the business of content management and information publishing. Their flagship products include:

  • Contenta Content Management System (XML based content management software)
  • XPP, XML publishing and rendering technology
  • LiveContent (formerly ContentaView) -- a content delivery system for interactive media.

Other technologies and products available through XyEnterprise are Contenta S1000D and Contenta DITA.

What is ContentaView - or - LiveContent?

ContentaView 3.6 is XyEnterprise's software solution suite for the delivery of interactive, textual and multimedia content via CD, DVD, USB thumb drive, Internet, intranet, handheld device or as a desktop application.

Many may have considered it simply a viewer for content stored in the Contenta Content Management System -- but it's not. It's a content delivery and presentation solution that can integrate with a number of content sources, not just Contenta CMS.

Hence the primary reason for changing the name from ContentaView to LiveContent. ContentaView, or rather LiveContent (we'll get onto the name sooner or later) has the following features and functionality:

  • Portable XML Database – The XML database native to LiveContent keeps data in live XML formats until it is accessed. It supports any XML DTS or Schema and can support multiple XML structures simultaneously
  • Current XML Technologies – LiveContent uses up-to-date XML technologies including XQuery, XSL, XSL-FO, XPath, and AJAX for faster and easier searching, formatting, publishing and filtering content either on the Internet or CD-ROM
  • Search and Data Mining – It comes with a built-in search engine that functions using XQuery and XQuery Fulltext to aid in document and information structuring and the availability and accessibility of that data.
  • Customized Information Products - Create and customize your info products usingHTML, PDF and other formats through XSL transformation and styling.
  • Multimedia Formats – A large amount of multimedia formats are able to be used with LiveContent. Acceptable formats include, SVG, Shockwave Flash, CGM line drawings, digital photos and 3D simulations.

What these features amount to is a product that allows for on-the-fly publishing, intelligent content retrieval and multichannel delivery and publishing of rich content for a variety of industries.

None of these features come new with the name change. Other than changing the name, the last version of ContentaView LiveContent was version 3.6 released in August of last year.

Learning Opportunities

Who Uses LiveContent?

According to XyEnterprise, the rebranding to LiveContent demonstrates the changing markets the product serves. The needs of other industries are changing. More and more are going digital in some form or another and XyEnterprise does not want new potential clients to be misled by a product title that does not fit the potential use cases for the product.

Originally focused on the technical documentation market, LiveContent is also suitable for the electronic delivery of medical information, consumer product data, educational materials, legal information and government publications. Pretty much any type of content you want to deliver.

This technology is currently used by companies like Lexis Nexis who use it as a way to manage millions of XML objects with over 500 gigs of data. XyEnterprise is hoping other industries can find value in LiveContent even if they aren’t using any of their other products.

What About CMIS?

If they are thinking about content interoperability they aren't telling anyone. However, as a content management provider it's very likely they are watching the OASIS technical committee's work on CMIS closely and considering how it may affect their technology roadmap.

We also wonder if the recent release of Adobe’s Technical Communications Suite 2, which includes information and document delivery software, has pushed XyEnterprise to sell their solution to a wider market.

Will the name change have the desired effect of expanding the reach of LiveContent? Or in already tough economic times will it do more harm than good?

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