London Takes Shared CMS Leap with SDL Tridion

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Web technology company Amaze has just been tapped by the Greater London Authority and the London Development Agency to provide a shared-service content management system for the capital.Amaze has selected global web CMS purveyor SDL Tridion to do the job. SDL International and Tridion, an enterprise web CMS, recently merged in a whopping EU€ 69 million deal.SDL Tridion is especially apt for large-scale ECM demands because it's specially equipped to translate language into a multiplicity of tongues. This is considered a difficult task due to its sensitive timing, complex workflows and other factors including the evolving nature of language itself. All translations and data can also be managed centrally with workflows.According to Forrester Research, SDL Tridion is also leading in the WCM field for external sites. "This is an important step towards consolidating a vast range of information and services that are provided on the internet," said David Munn, head of the GLA Technology Group. "This is the beginning of the process, but we have a real opportunity to develop the london.gov.uk website to deliver a one-stop-shop for all Londoners and visitors."Governments in the city will be able to buy access to the service at a discounted rate. In an ideal world, this type of relationship will save each money, as they won't have to build or buy their own systems.The parties involved are hoping this set-up will encourage the integration of web-based activities under London's portal website.The system is expected to launch in the first half of 2008.