For dedicated content builders who've always wanted to compare the kettle to the pot, Sydney-based DocsCorp releases compareDocs, an enhancement to the pdfDocs Solutions Suite.DocsCorp President Dean Sappey points out that few document comparison solutions exist to compare Word-to-Word and PDF-to-PDF, and it's virtually unheard-of to find an anything-to-anything comparative solution. "With compareDocs there are no restrictions. You can now compare anything to anything -- Word-to-Word, PDF-to-PDF, Word-to-PDF, Word-to-anything, PDF-to-anything," he emphasizes. "This is quite an achievement and one of which we at DocsCorp are very proud." The presence of a flexy document comparison tool significantly minimizes the possibility of human error that occurs when collaborators have to manually compare drafts between PDF and Word versions. Often, a content developer has to copy and paste a PDF into a Word document, which forces tedious reformatting of the text, and yet another process of reformatting when the finished draft needs to be reconverted. Failure to streamline this process can increase the likelihood of sloppy publication, something that, more often than not, hurts the reputation of a company. But compareDocs technology doesn't just remove the manual comparative element from the equation; it also speedily identifies the differences between two documents. For these reasons the solution is also positioned as an ally to industry and internally-mandated compliance, which, if taken lightly, can lead to worse consequences than sloppy presentation. MS Office products and leading document and record management systems like Hummingbird, WORLDOX and Interwoven's Docs Open are also compatible with the pdfDocs enhancement. This means users can compare documents from any source, a boon for Renaissance content jugglers. Sydney-based DocsCorp purveys a number of software tools that empower enterprises to collaborate on a secured, industry-compliant and universally readable platform. According to the company, their software also integrates nicely with doc management, CRM and practice management solutions. In its ongoing PDF-universality love affair, last November DocsCorp made PDF portable.