Open Text Offers a LifeCycle Management Solution for SharePoint
Not content to just help manage content storage for SharePoint, ECM provider Open Text has come out with a new solution that will help SharePoint solve its Lifecycle Management issues. Called the Open Text Content Lifecycle Management Services for Microsoft® SharePoint®, eDOCS Edition, the solution was actually developed by SeeUnity Inc., an Open Text partner.You have a SharePoint installation, but as you know, it's rather weak in terms of LifeCycle Management. Which isn't really a good thing considering all the regulations, compliance and eDiscovery requirements your organization faces today. You may also have an Open Text solution in house, in which case you can take advantage of this new offering and bring chaos to order. The Open Text CLM Services for SharePoint, eDOCS edition will help you set up a full compliance solution that can govern content in many repositories at once, including SharePoint.

LifeCycle Management Components

There are several components to this LifeCycle Management solution including: * Open Text eDOCS DM Extensions for SharePoint: A series of SharePoint web parts that enable a SharePoint user to access eDOCS libraries, providing Profile and Full-Text search capability * Content Lifecycle Management Services for SharePoint, eDOCS Edition: Offers bi-directional synchronization of content between SharePoint and eDOCs and includes all the functionality of the DM extensions * Content Migrator for eDOCS and Livelink: Enables the migration of content from and to LiveLink, eDOCS and SharePoint. "This expansion of our content lifecycle management services for SharePoint Server 2007 has been top of mind for many of our eDOCS customers. Our long partnership with SeeUnity and its vast experience in the SharePoint space made it the perfect partner to help us deliver this solution," said Chris Lynch, Senior Vice President, ECM Solutions Line of Business for Open Text.

A Drawer Full of SharePoint Solutions

This is not the first LifeCycle Management solution that Open Text has offered for SharePoint. It's actually an extension that offers the current capabilities to eDOCS customers. In fact, it's just another one of the many solutions that Open Text offers for SharePoint. Which does make sense considering Open Text is built on the Microsoft platform making it very easy to develop SharePoint offerings. It may even help push them ahead of the competition as most ECM or Web CMS vendors are working hard to provide integrated solutions for SharePoint.