Message Gate
According to a recent survey, only about 60% of companies using an e-mail surveillance tool are actually better able to assess deviant employee behavior or potential network risks resulting from bad emails. Email governance software vendor MessageGate aims to better these numbers by profiling employee communications and pin-pointing communications and compliance risks.With something called the messaging activity profile (MAP), MessageGate boasts the ability to immediately assess potential risks and existing messaging patterns that occur within employee e-mail.Among the risks MessageGate accounts for are breaches of sensitive or confidential information, archive or system inefficiencies, the dissemination of inappropriate content, and regulatory concerns.These infractions can include such things as sending incriminating photos of yourself "networking" at the last industry event, leaking private customer data, or saving company passwords and server access information in a GMail account.MessageGate specializes in enterprise email governance and is run by these clever-looking guys. They offer email management solutions covering automated archiving, policy enforcement, email filtering, and message activity profiling. The company was spun out of Boeing in late 2003.