The current list of companies lining up to offer BPOS migration or integration offerings since the release of SharePoint 2010 continues to grow. Metalogix (news, site), one such company, does SharePoint migrations for a living, so the release of a migration tool for SharePoint content into BPOS-D was expected, especially with the upcoming general release of Office365.


The BPOS-Dedicated (BPOS-D) offering is a customer-dedicated hosted Service that Microsoft offers for larger organizations (5000-10K seats plus) who desire a higher level of isolation, security and control in their hosted Exchange and SharePoint environments.

The tool is marketed towards those that need the features of Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, OCS and Live Meeting, without compromising functionality.

BPOS-D suites include an integrated set of enterprise messaging, collaboration and communications offerings that were previously available from Microsoft as a Server software or through 3rd party hosting service providers.

The new solution allows customers to seamlessly migrate legacy and SharePoint content into the Microsoft Online Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS-D) dedicated cloud environment.

For the moment, Metalogix is the only ISV that has been certified by Microsoft for deployment on the Microsoft BPOS-D platform. The new SharePoint Site Migration Manager for BPOS-D:

  • Migrates SharePoint content to SharePoint Online or any hosted SharePoint environment
  • Moves SharePoint deployments into the cloud in their entirety dispensing with hardware or infrastructure
  • Supports cloud-to-cloud migration so content can be moved from one hosted provider to another

For enterprises that take-up the new migratory tool, Metalogix works with MS BPOS teams as they provision and configure enterprises’ BPOS-D environments.


When Office 365 is released next year it will replace BPOS. Already in beta, it brings Microsoft another step further into the cloud.

It will also be available from just about any device on the market and will enable users to collaborate with other users inside and outside the enterprise in a simple and secure way.

Microsoft has never made any bones about the fact that it was working on a re-worked version of BPOS -- even if it was not entirely clear whether it would be launched as a new edition of BPOS or rebranded.

With the launch of SharePoint and Lync as online services 2 years ago, it was a strong signal that MS would move its core applications to the cloud.

Metalogix looks set to fill one the gaps that have already been identified as a possible problem in its migration -- migrating legacy content into the new Office365 set-up.