Move your Content into SharePoint Online with MetaVis Migrator
They only recently released MetaVis Migrator for SharePoint, but we knew they were working on more functionality for this migration tool. Today MetaVis (news, site) announces that the SharePoint migrator will also help you move your content into your hosted SharePoint environment.

Living with SharePoint in the Cloud?

That's right. If you are one the customers of Microsoft's Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS) or considering becoming one, then MetaVis wants to help you easily move your content into your SharePoint implementation.

With an increased move by many organizations to the hosted model to reduce costs for infrastructure and software (and SharePoint isn't exactly cheap -- unless you are using WSS 3.0), Microsoft's BPOS service is enticing.

And you probably have a ton of information you want to move there and you don't want to do a lot of manual importing and re-entry. Using the MetaVis Migrator is a great option as it moves not only the actual content, but any metadata associated.

In addition to supporting Microsoft BPOS, the MetaVis Migrator will work for any hosted SharePoint solution. Bamboo Solutions new line of hosted SharePoint apps comes to mind another possible use for the MetaVis Migrator, as are a ton of other hosted SharePoint providers.

New SharePoint 2010 Beta Program

In related new, MetaVis has launched a new SharePoint 2010 Beta Program, allowing you to download MetaVis Architect to use for SharePoint 2010 beta testing. The program provides SharePoint 2010 beta users with a three month license for the MetaVis Suite (Architect, Migrator, Classifier, Site Creator), including unlimited use for SharePoint installations.

You can test the movement of content between SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010 as well -- there is a limit to the amount of content you can move.

“Our beta program will allow users to build metadata into the planning and testing of SharePoint 2010,” said Steven Pogrebivsky, CEO and Co-founder of MetaVis Technologies. “This will make it easier for companies to visually design and organize their SharePoint environments for improved navigation, search and compliance.”

What is MetaVis asking for in return? You need to send any bugs you find and any enhancements you would like to see to them so they can improve their products.

A win, win situation for all.