NCachPoint is a new solution from Microsoft Certified Partner Alachisoft. The company says its solution will help you improve the performance and scalability of your SharePoint implementation through the use of BLOB externalization and a number of caching techniques. Interested? Read on.

Taking Your BLOBS Out of SharePoint

Feel like I just talked about this. Oh, yes, that right I did with AvePoint's DocAve Extender Tool. Well then I won't bore you on the details of the EBS Provider for SharePoint.

Suffice it to say that NCachePoint also takes advantage of this API, allowing you to:

  • Migrate BLOBS at runtime -- no need to stop your SharePoint application
  • Store BLOBS in the file system, on a SAN, NAS or in the Amazon or Azure cloud (this one isn't ready quite yet)
  • Automatically compress BLOBS with GZip
  • Enrcypt BLOBS with DES-64bit or AES-128bit encryption
  • Revert BLOBS back into your SQL database
  • Use in-memory cache on your front end web servers for BLOBS frequently used
  • and more


SharePoint with EBS Provider

Caching SharePoint Data

Another way NCachePoint improves the performance and scalability of SharePoint is by caching BLOB data (as we mentioned above), as well as list data and ASP.NET Session State.

If you are interested in caching list data, you can do the following:

  • Make use of cache expiration
  • Synchronze list data across all your WFEs
  • Use inProc/OutProc client cache along with a distributed cache
  • Managing caching from a central web app
  • Monitor list cache activity via PerfMon

Caching your ASP.Net Session State will let you replicate your sessions to multiple servers. You can add and remove cache servers at run time without stopping the app and monitor session state via PerfMon as well.

In addition, NCachePoint also provides the ability to cache View State and Minify CSS and Javscript.

An Edition to Suite your Need

There are three editions of NCachePoint: Express, which only work with WSS, Standard, which works with WSS and SharePoint 2007 Standard and Enterprise, which works with all three versions of SharePoint.

To see the differences between the two check out this Edition Comparison.

The good news is NCachePoint Express is free to download now. And you can trial the Standard and Enterprise versions to see if they suit your needs before you buy. Once you are ready to pay, you are looking at anywhere from US$ 2995 for Standard, to US$ 5995 for Enterprise. These are per CPU prices. Make sure you check out all the details.

NCachePoint currently works for SharePoint 2007, but there are plans in the works for SharePoint 2010 as well.