SharePoint Deployment Planning services newly launched
Microsoft is known for documentation and support of their products. So it comes as no surprise that they have launched a new partner-delivered offering for Microsoft SharePoint. Called the SharePoint Deployment Planning Services (SDPS), the service is tailored to help organizations who have enrolled in Volume Licensing Software Assurance successfully plan and deploy their SharePoint initiatives. The key to this new service is of course that you have to have Software Assurance for SharePoint. Otherwise you are still stuck with your own wiles to understand the product and how to best use it to your advantage. That being said, most organizations who want to implement SharePoint as an Enterprise Content Management Solution, likely purchase the Software Assurance for the support and volume pricing to provides. And it's more likely that organizations of this size go out and get a SharePoint partner to help them through their decision process (mainly because the smaller guys can't afford a partner).

What Does SDPS Provide?

According to Microsoft the new service offers a "host of new knowledge offerings". This includes: * SharePoint Deployment Plan Templates * Architecture Design Documents * SharePoint server farm deployment guidance

Depending on your organizations Software Assurance benefit level, SDPS offers a one-, three-, five-, 10- or 15-day deployment planning service. The SDPS Delivery Guide for Consultants outlines each of these levels of deployment planning service levels providing detailed information on to best support the successful plan and deployment of the SharePoint solution. We expect that this guidance is even more detailed than what you get from reading the reams of articles on MSDN. Of course all this information is specifically for the SharePoint partner community which can include any Microsoft partner that has competencies in the Microsoft Information Worker Portals and Collaboration, Enterprise Content Management, or Search specializations. All the documentation and support comes in a neat little online community website package. “Customers told us they got the most out of SharePoint when they brought in a SharePoint Certified Consultant in the early stages to help with deployment planning,” said Tom Rizzo, director of SharePoint at Microsoft. “SDPS is a great matchup between our customers and our partners, because the customers win twice: They get deployment planning to help ensure the best possible results on the SharePoint platform, but also an added value for their investment in Software Assurance.” If you are interested in becoming a SharePoint partner, you can read all about the ins and outs of the partnership arrangement and get registered at the partner website for SDPS. Otherwise, if you are simply an organization looking to make the right choices for your SharePoint implementation, pick a SharePoint partner and benefit from the wealth of knowledge that Microsoft has laid at their finger tips -- finally.