NetConnect,SharePoint Team Portal
Looking for a hosted website to set up a team project collaboration site? NetConnect has just introduced Team Portal, the latest on demand SharePoint-based website for businesses.

Team Portal

Team Portal is a secure hosted SharePoint environment designed to support project teams. A business signs up to get a Workspace that they then use to create and manage any number of projects. Using the Workspace Dashboard, they create and manage projects, manage the overall account and invite contacts to join a project. All projects are password protected so you can have different teams assigned to different projects. Each workspace includes search capability along with all the standard SharePoint document libraries, lists, discussions, etc.. There are even Gantt lists for the hard-core project managers on your team. You also have the option of integrating conferencing tools that include meeting scheduling, phone conferences and Live Meeting. Team Portal has a number of applications and templates including: * Project Management Office * Project Manager * Team Manager * Meeting Manager * PMO - Deployment Services Aside from the fact that you don't need any hardware or software to use this hosted solution, what's also nice is that your team members do not have to be from the same company. With an in-house solution, it's difficult to have outside team member get access to your intranet to participate in team sites like this. So hosting outside the company firewall is a viable solution for business's who have very dispersed teams. Team Portal is hosted in an ISO 9001 (“SAS 70”) certified datacenter and Microsoft Forefront is used.

Team Portal Marketplace

NetConnect has also set up a marketplace for SharePoint solutions. Developers can submit solutions that can be then distributed in this hosted environment. The first partner in the marketplace is BrightWork who offers a number of project management tools with pmPoint portfolio. So if all this sounds like the ticket for you, then take a closer look. Go to, sign up for a free 60 day trial to see if it's what you are looking for.