NetWrix Helps Track Changes Made in SharePoint 2010

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There are a few providers of systems management for SharePoint. One of these is NetWrix, who offers a SharePoint Change Reporter. 

Supporting SharePoint Administration

A lot of people typically have access to their SharePoint sites, so there is the need to pay close attention to what's happening in that environment. NetWrix joins the ranks of AvePoint, Quest, Metalogix and a number of other vendors to provide that administrative support to SharePoint 2010.

The NetWrix SharePoint Change Reporter provides a number of auditing capabilities to ensure you always know what changes have been made in your environment and who has made them. With it you can track changes to the following areas:

  • Changes made to SQL Server
  • Changes made to user permissions


NetWrix SharePoint Changes

You can also track multiple sites and details of document usage -- great for compliance. Data can be exported into HTML, PDF, Excel and sent via email. 


NetWrix Configurator

For those with greater demands than what comes out of the box, you can customize the data audited and create custom reports. If you are looking for real-time alerting, it isn't there though and it also lacks the ability to track changes to web parts.

As a SharePoint Administrator you will get daily automated reports outlining what has been changed. What's nice is that you not only get informed on what changed, but what the values were before and after the change, so you don't have to go digging for the detailed information.

Learning Opportunities


NetWrix Report

The NetWrix Change Reporter is available as freeware (and there's a forum to support it), but also with a supported license that costs around US$ 300 for the first server and US$ 75 for each additional server. It supports both SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010, including WSS3.0. For those working on an even older version like SharePoint 2003, you are also in luck.

If you are looking to see how the SharePoint Change Reporter compares to other similar products like Quest Site Administrator for SharePoint or the DocAve Auditor, WindowsITPro Magazine did a review in early June. You can read that article and see the comparison's here.