For as many eDiscovery vendors there are, there are as many eDiscovery prices. Two vendors, who have announced the availability of new pricing models, hope to revolutionize the industry.

Price Per Gigabyte

Sfile Technology Corporation is offering a one-time pricing of US$ 100.00 per GB of electronically stored information (ESI). TFor one year, an unlimited number of users can store and host review. For US$ 0.04 per page, users can organize, filter, create review sets, review, and produce TIFF and PDF images. For US$ 0.04 per page, users can organize, filter, create review sets, and produce TIFF and PDF images.

SFile refers to their SaaS platform as eDiscovery 3.0, so it’s not surprising that they think that the way products and services should upgrade as well.

SFile’s software module can operate from its data center or via its SFile Managed eDiscovery Service (SMES), which is designed to deliver faster service to customers without leaving the building. The SMES delivery option is available at the SaaS pricing, but comes with some pre-requisites, namely that customers must provide a physical server that meets Sfile’s minimum specifications, as well as remote access by Sfile to the server via VPN.

No Double Charge

Lateral Data unveiled a new and budget-friendly pricing policy for users of its all-in-one Viewpoint e-Discovery software. Their simplified pricing covers all the major components of the electronic discovery reference model (EDRM) spectrum and reduces fees to only two components:

  1. Pre-processing
  2. Processing

while review, analysis and production are also included at no additional charge.

Traditionally, eDiscovery software vendors have charged to “pre-process” data and then charge again to handle all culled data in the processing phase -- a double charge that Lateral Data works to eliminate.

The Future of eDiscovery Pricing

Until now, users have been hard pressed to find similar pricing models in the eDiscovery industry. These changes may disrupt current high-cost models and force others to follow suit. At the very least, it aims to offer better, more reasonably priced platforms that can help companies handle data review and analysis.