New SharePoint Management Tool Targets Admin Frustrations
Metalogix (news, site) has been in the news a lot lately. From offering a simple tool for restoring SharePoint item level content to a offering a free content archiving solution, they provide solutions to ease the SharePoint administrators life.

Now, they offer a new solution called the Universal SharePoint Manager v2007, designed to make day to day management of your SharePoint environment a little less stressful.

Universal SharePoint Manager

Offering a core framework based on management features, Metalogix SharePoint Manager provides a number of tools that can be added on that every SharePoint administrator dreams about.

The Management Console

The USPv2007 Console is web-based and offers a central location to manage your SharePoint implementation. News tools are easily integrated into the console as you need them and you can delegate certain features (tools) to individuals.

USPM_Environment Reporting.jpg

SharePoint Environment Reporting

Some of the tools provide abilities such as:

  • User Security Management: View permissions by user, role, item or system, replicate or take a snapshot of permissions
  • Sites Management: Find orphaned sites, views all sites for your farm, manage permissions and security for sites
  • User Account Management: Find and remove accounts that are no longer used
  • Environment Management: Monitor the growth of your SharePoint farms and identify usage trends
  • List and Item Management: set security auditing on a list, manage permissions for lists, etc..

Additional tools are in development and include a component manager for features and events and a site diagrammer/modeler.


USPMv2007 Permission Level Access

Available via iDevFactory

The Metalogix Universal SharePoint Manager v2007 is available exclusively through a worldwide licensing agreement with iDevFactory, a provider of Information Worker solutions. 

You can view all the different tools available for USPMv2007 on the iDevFactory website.

Pricing is available via a request for a quote, so we can't give you any idea on what this new management tool will cost. You can, however, try it for 15 days before you buy it from the Metalogix site.

And if you are still on SharePoint 2003, there is a edition of the Universal SharePoint Manager available for that version as well.