SharePoint Symposium at KMWorld in September
Not tired of hearing about SharePoint training? Good, because here's another one that crossed our path. Tony Byrne of CMS Watch will be conducting a SharePoint Symposium, a Satellite Event at KMWorld & Intranets 2008 on September 26, 2008 in San Jose McEnery, CA. This is a full day dedicated to understanding the ins and outs of SharePoint. It's not a SharePoint bashing session -- which maybe you would expect considering CMS Watch has never exactly sounded pro-SharePoint -- but is an "intensive and interactive workshop by an experienced industry analyst does not assume that you should, or should not, use SharePoint." They say you should attend if you are evaluating SharePoint or getting started on a SharePoint project. The agenda certainly covers all aspects of the platform including evaluating its six core pillars. But I'll tell you what part of this session caught my attention -- the last 1/2 hour is a review of the future of SharePoint. "What is Redmond's strategy? What's coming in the next few years? How should you prepare and respond? We'll wrap up with a look into the future. " Has Tony been chatting up the gang at Microsoft and getting a "real" view into where this platform is headed? Because no one else seems to really know and we are all dying to hear the future. When is the next release? What are the key things they are fixing or enhancing? If Tony can provide this kind of information, then the registration price of US$ 795 is well worth it.