No one can say content management wants for rock stars. CTO David Nuescheler of Day Software has been nominated by the Java Community Process(sm) (JCPsm) Program for the Most Outstanding Spec Lead Award for his JSR 283 travails.Of his nomination Nuescheler humbly notes, "I'm honored to be recognized by the JCP Program [...] and I'm committed to producing an implementation-independent API enabling easy access to content regardless of platform, or where it resides within a repository." That's commitment for you. JSR 283 is an updated version of JSR 170, the running standard for whose adoption Day played a critical role. JSR 170 was the API for Java technology to the JCP, and the first global standard for content repositories. It was developed specifically to eliminate concerns about proprietary vendor lock-in by streamlining relations between content repositories and applications. With industry evolution resulting from innovations made possible by JSR 170, balanced scalability becomes the topic du jour. JSR 283, which picks up where 170 left off, ensures companies will be able to better manage content across broader and farther-reaching enterprises. For the most part, 283's contributions to the original JSR 170 result from feedback from the Java developer community. Nuescheler elaborates: "This latest version includes substantial enhancements that will make it even easier for companies to simplify their repository architecture, increase efficiency and reduce cost." JSR 283 has already garnered support from major enterprise content management vendors including EMC Documentum, Filenet, Hummingbird, IBM, Oracle, and Sun Microsystems. In 2005 Nuescheler was nominated for the JCP Program's Most Outstanding Spec Lead for Java Standard Edition/Enterprise Edition Award. This was for his work with JSR 170. This year's winner for Most Outstanding Spec Lead Award will be announced at the JavaOne Conference in San Francisco. To get more information on the JCP program or read about the JavaOne Conference, visit the JCP website.