Nuxeo Contributes Its CMIS Supported Content Repository to Eclipse Foundation
Nuxeo is putting its code where its mouth is. The open source document management vendor is contributing its content repository technology, Nuxeo Core to the Eclipse Foundation (news, site). The contribution is intended to spur the development of a CMIS-based content repository. Will this move yield a CMIS reference implementation whose popularity catches Apache’s JCR-based Jackrabbit?

Nuxeo, CMIS and Eclipse

Nuxeo’s contribution of its content repository technology, Nuxeo Core, is in the initial proposal stage. If the proposal is approved, the “Eclipse Enterprise Content Repository” (ECR) project will host development of a full-featured CMIS Content Repository reference implementation. The ECR will serve the same role for CMIS as Apache Jackrabbit serves for the Java Content Repository (JCR) standard -- minus the cool animal name.

Other Enterprise CMS (ECM) vendors, content application builders or anyone that requires repository services behind their own software product will be able to take advantage of Nuxeo’s contribution. The ECR will include APIs (Java, REST), content management interoperability support via CMIS, and a wide range of content repository services.

Pretty nice of Nuxeo. Before we all rush to engage in a group hug for Nuxeo’s kindness, the move isn’t entirely benevolent. Nuxeo hopes its contribution to Eclipse will accelerate adoption of the content management technology and expand developer enthusiasm and support for CMIS; both have the possibility of being beneficial to Nuxeo’s revenue stream.

The Nuxeo Document Management platform is an open source document and collaboration offering that caters to developers seeking to develop content-centric applications in a Java environment.

Learning Opportunities


The content organizations must manage is growing rapidly, driven by complex interactions such as social media. ECM vendors have emerged to meet these needs. However, the absence of standards in the space has resulted in an almost complete lack of interoperability between products. Content in one tool can rarely, if ever, be easily accessed using a different ECM system. This is a significant challenge for organizations that have content in multiple ECM repositories, which occurs frequently as content management strategies and enterprise architectures mature.

The content management interoperability standard (CMIS) is one of the most recent standards in the content management space. Backed by some of the biggest names in the ECM market and managed by OASIS, CMIS focuses on improving interoperability and reducing integration complexity between ECM systems at a repository level.

CMIS defines a standard data model and set of services that expose most common ECM capabilities, like querying a repository, in a consistent way. This approach allows applications to interact with multiple ECM systems, or migrate to new systems, without performing multiple custom integrations based on proprietary product interfaces.

Next Steps

Now that the Eclipse Enterprise Content Repository project has been proposed, it will be open to a public review period for at least 3 weeks. After the public review period, there will be an internal IT review and then the project will be officially available for community development.