Nuxeo Gives Nuxeo an Extreme Makeover
Nuxeo Connect, the commercial support portal for open sourceenterprise content management (ECM) platform Nuxeo is looking pretty, errr.. well,pretty. Nuxeo has released its second interface design this year for thesupport portal, and it’s looking pretty good.

Holy Dashboard!

Most technology projects get code names; developers are quirky in that way. In what appears to be a nod to everyone’s favorite capedcrusaderfrom Gotham, Nuxeo is referring to their latest support portalredesign as the “HolyDashboard.” I’m not sure the design will rescueyou from an emergency, but itis an improvement over the previousincarnation.

Nuxeo Connect is a subscription-based offering from Nuxeo that provides maintenance, support and hosted “customization as a service," which ishow the company refers to its web-based development tool,giving open-sourceenterprise CMS adopters the same reassurances as commercial,vendor backed platforms.

The new interface includes several enhancements that make it moreefficientfor users. The dashboard has a rich Web 2.0 style look andconsolidates themost important information in one view for easeof access. When users gain access to the dashboard, the dashboard displays:

  • My applications: A list of installedapplications; the list is also linked to Nuxeo Studio, theweb-based development tool for the ECM platform, which makes it easyto transition from the support portal to development
  • My tasks: A list of outstanding activities such as an open support question
  • Latest addons on Nuxeo Marketplace: A list of the newest packages for Nuxeo’s enterprise CMS
  • Latest maintenance fix: A list of maintenance releases and patches
  • Latest support cases: An easy way to find support tickets

In addition, Nuxeo has also added theability for customers tocreate support tickets in Nuxeo Connect andincludes an areafor Nuxeo to provide information to users.

Learning Opportunities


Nuxeo maybetrying to excite users in preparation for its upcoming Nuxeo World 2011conferencethat will occur in Paris October 20-21.


The newer, prettier and more efficient Nuxeo Connectdashboard isavailable now to Nuxeo Connect subscribers.  The company is seekingfeedback on how userslike the changes.