What do you get when you put document management, collaboration and business processes together? You get a half decent enterprise content management system. Really, you can't one without the other these days.

Collaborative ECM

03Spaces (news, site) has just announced their latest set of content management solutions, appropriately called "Collaborative ECM", and they tie together -- you guess it -- collaboration, document management and processes.

Built on top of O3Spaces Workplace document management software, these are modular solutions that support specific processes in the enterprise. They include:

  • Document Management
  • Contract Management
  • Template management & Document Generation
  • Scan Route Store
  • Case Management
  • DealRoom
  • Authorization & Approval Process
  • Email Archiving
  • Collaboration & Project Management

O3Spaces considers these generic document processes and services that are often used in a number of typical business processes. By creating solutions to support them, these process and services can be combined with collaboration and workflow capabilities included in the Workspace platform.

Here's a look at the Email Archiving Module:

O3Spaces is available in a Workgroup edition, an Enterprise edition and as a SaaS edition, so no matter where you work, you have an option.

Adding Value to Content Management

You can buy a document management system on pretty much any street corner. And if they are worth their salt, they all offer a fairly standard set of capabilities. What makes you look at one over another, sales and marketing pitches aside, is its ability to provide you with the capabilities you need, and get you up and running quickly.

O3Spaces is offering some capabilities in the form of modules, that are often used in a number of larger business processes/function. By pulling them out separately, you can incorporate them quickly into other business processes. So the question for you is, what do you need and do you see it here. If  you answer yes to the second question, take a further look.