C2C Has Archive One for SharePoint
C2C builds email, data and file management solutions. SharePoint can store a massive amount of content which includes emails, data and other documents. Want a way to easily archive and manage that content in MOSS? Try C2C Archive One for SharePoint.

Archive One for SharePoint

Archive One for SharePoint enables customers to remove and archive SharePoint data. This solution is a much better option than just using regular backup to tape or file system solutions. Archive One for SharePoint is a "data management solution" to help comply with eDiscovery and compliance requirements that all companies have today. Changes and updates are captured automatically into indexed archive repositories. This provides for long term retention and compliance search requirements. Archiving happens in real-time and can be based on additions, changes to a document or an entire site

New Features of Archive One

Archive One for SharePoint has just been recently enhanced to offer more capabilities. New features include: * Install as a separate application connector alongside other C2C connectors * Store data in a single repository or several repositories based on data type or logical departmental units * Incorporates enhanced information retention management features The latest version of this connector can now run in parallel with other C2C connectors for Notes/Domino and Microsoft Windows File Systems.

Helping MOSS Users With eDiscovery and Compliance

With SharePoint being such a popular departmental enterprise CMS there's always the concern of data being stored in many locations with no way of knowing what's where. When the compliance police come a knocking, trouble is sure to follow. Solutions like C2C Archive One for SharePoint are good ways to ensure your business data is being carefully archived and maintained regardless of what type of data it is. Take a closer look at the C2C solution, Microsoft's own solution and this one from AvePoint.