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Do you want to know how to use SharePoint but lack a degree in computer science? Training and consulting provider SharePoint Solutions has just the thing for you! The second annual SharePoint Information Worker Conference is to be held Feb 4-6, 2008 in Nashville, TN and is 100% non-technical.Here is the scenario: the decision has come down from on high within your company to use SharePoint as a content management, collaboration, document management, and/or records management tool. But how should SharePoint be set-up, what functionality is really in there, and how can you use it to help improve your work day? Enter the SharePoint Information Worker Conference 2008, a 100% non-technical conference on SharePoint 2007 (MOSS and WSS). Let's put aside whether you can really have a completely non-technical SharePoint conference and take a look at what's on the agenda. 3 days – 30 sessions – 3 core tracks (Content Management, Collaboration, Best Practices) The conference organizers are still working on all the expert speakers and sessions, but the following is a sampling of the types of sessions and experts you will find at the conference: The Keynote will be presented by SharePoint Solutions President Jeff Cate and Project Performance Corporation’s Director of Knowledge Management Zach Wahl. They take a look at the impact SharePoint has had over the last five years on portals, knowledge management, collaboration, and productivity and where the platform is heading (Microsoft must have leaked some secrets).

Content Management Track:

* New Tools for Content Re-use in MOSS 2007 * Guiding Users Toward Content Using MOSS Audiences * Information rights management support in SharePoint 2007 * De-mystifying the MOSS 2007 Single sign-on feature

Collaboration Track:

* Social Networking for the Enterprise with SharePoint (Dino Dato-on) * Custom workflows for Information Workers: Using InfoPath and SharePoint Workflow Designer to create no-code workflow applications * SharePoint Search for the Enterprise (Dino Dato-on) * Business Intelligence and Dashboards with Excel 2007 Server

Best Practices:

* Best Practices for Taxonomy and Metadata Design * Governance Strategies for Business Content and Taxonomies * Using SharePoint 2007 as a driver of change initiatives in a large organization

Expert Speakers:

So far, most of the experts speaking at the event are from SharePoint Solutions. One exception is Microsoft's own SharePoint Architect Dino Dato-on who has written many SharePoint whitepapers including the an MSDN article on how SharePoint can be used as a social networking application like Facebook. Can you have a non-technical SharePoint Conference? There is a lot functionality in SharePoint 2007 - whether you are implementing MOSS or only WSS. How to implement it from a technical standpoint (in terms of servers and hardware) is only a small part of the technical implementation. Functional design is generally an IT job as well and is part of the technical implementation. Many of the people attending a conference like this will be IT folks who need to understand how the pieces work and fit together and where customization may need to occur. There's no such thing as a SharePoint solution truly "out of the box", even though Microsoft suggests it can occur. The business users need to understand that customization requires technical resources and therefore they need some technical context of SharePoint. Hopefully this conference will provide that much needed context. If you are interested in attending the SharePoint Information Worker Conference 2008, drop by their site and register. There's an early bird registration and an option to attend a SharePoint Introduction Seminar prior to the conference start. After you attend, we encourage you to drop back by and let us know how you found it.