open text addresses concerns for refineries
Open Text, an enterprise content management vendor, announced a new software solution to manage critical process changes at refineries and chemical plants. They call it Livelink ECM – Management of Change solution. The solution, designed based on the research of partner Gateway Consulting Group, divides the Management of Change (MOC) lifecycle into a series of predefined states. After analyzing the MOC processes at over a dozen refeneries and chemical plants in the US, Gateway came up with a set of best practices which Open Text then used to the create the MOC solution. “There’s a lot at stake for customers when it comes to MOC and customers want a better way to manage the process,” said Open Text’s Vassalotti. “We’ve worked with Gateway Consulting Group to create a solution that provides a best-practices approach to the complexities of MOC..." All events in the lifecycle are clearly audited and reportable and there are set of pre-defined workflow rules outlining what documents need to be edited, what tasks need to be completed and who the approvers are. Tasks and approvers can be added or removed based on the rules. This solution goes a long way to helping refineries and chemical plants adhere to the numerous compliance and safety regulations that come with their industries. LiveLink ECM - Management of Change is an example of how an ECM can be customized to support the demands of a particular industry. Go to Open Text's website to learn more about this solution.