Open Text Releases Recruiting Management for SharePoint
Recruiting at the enterprise level can be a chore. With large amounts of documents, innumerable departments and HR nightmares, it can be easy to get lost fast. For those enterprises who want better control Open Text has teamed with Microsoft to bring you a recruiting management solution for use with SharePoint Server 2007.

Open Text Recruiting Management for Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007 is an application devised to extend the use of SharePoint. Open Text as a company has been in the enterprise content management industry for years now. Based on the massive popularity of SharePoint, they have opted to work to provide ECM solutions that run on top of SharePoint rather than compete directly with it.

The Recruiting Management application utilizes their case management framework that was released last year. Using the SharePoint Server 2007 and Office 2007 environments, the application aids in the facilitation of the various steps and necessary processes of recruiting.

Streamline Recruiting Process Workflows

When a new job is opened, workflows aid the process along with a dashboard accessible through either SharePoint or Office. Once a job is filled it is archived with long-term audit and retention information. All applicants not selected are then pooled to be accessed in the future.

All of the information is stored and sorted for you by combining the features listed here:

  • Integration with Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise: Open Text Recruiting Management automatically integrates with PeopleSoft and imports HR data directly. There is no need to access the PeopleSoft interface
  • Full Auditing Capabilities and Records Retention: The application shares central records management practices and maintains compliance with corporate and legislative regulations.
  • Automated Workflow and Approval: Leverage request forms and automate tasks and notification.
  • Dedicated Collaborative Work Area: Information related to the job is available within the Office SharePoint Server 2007 site. Even long distance collaboration is easy during the hiring process.

The ability for HR personnel to collaborate with other departments or other offices is a key feature. It will expand the ability for enterprise companies to reach potential employees from much greater distances without the necessary expense and headache of trying to handle the process with hard documents.

Open Text Recruiting Management for Microsoft SharePoint allows for recruiting to happen from a central location. If you add to that the ability to do phone interviews, video conference interviews with groups of people and other technological advances, companies can now handle their recruiting, interviewing and hiring processes easier and faster.